Living sustainably is much more than having a smaller footprint (150 SF). Materials and systems in this tiny house were mindfully specified for high energy efficiency and low environmental impact. Overall, this homes meets most of the requirements of leading sustainable ratings systems, and exceeds requirements of residential energy codes.

Long-lasting & Low-maintenance solutions include:


·         No/Low VOC materials (GREENGUARD Certified products)

·         Air cleaning gypsum wallboard[PT1]  with zero-emission paint

·         Bath/Kitchen exhaust vents

·         PEX plumbing system with expansion fittings

Energy Efficient

·         Insulation (closed cell spray foam)

·         Outsulation (high impact siding)

·         Energy Star appliances

·         LED lights, fixtures & clothing rods

·         Radiant floor heat & Thru-wall AC/heat

·         Thermal insulating coating (aerogel)

·         Clerestory windows w/ motorized shade